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33rd Fleet is glad to have you.

This is the site dedicated to 33rd Fleet, a fleet in the game Star Trek Online. Primary communication will occur either in game, or here. Announcements will be made here, so it is suggested that you check back frequently.

As the Fleet grows we will begin to schedule play times for the Special Task Force (STF) missions, as well as player vs player (PVP) games. We will also be running Fleet Action teams.

We are here to enjoy the game. Stick around and enjoy it with us.

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ZZ9, Jan 14, 11 2:28 AM.
For now, the I have chosen not to pay for the Non ad version of the site. As we get more members, My plan is to pay to have the ads removed, as well as purchase a vent server for us to use.

Please bare with me until we have grown enough to justify the purchases.

33rd Fleet is now active!

ZZ9, Jan 6, 11 4:51 AM.
We have launched! May there be much rejoicing!
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We accept all kinds. Whether you prefer player vs player content or player vs environment, we've got you covered. We are primarily going to focus on end game content. If your characters aren't fully leveled, don't worry, we will be happy to help.
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